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Dental Do's and Dont's 

​​Cleany Teeth Ultrasonic Treatment

Cleany Teeth is a new ultrasonic tooth cleaning product being used in the UK designed to help keep the doggy dentist away from our pooches. The treatments is used to remove plaque, tartar, staining, aid bad breath and maintain healthy teeth and gums. The service is an anti bacterial oral hygiene treatment with no harmful side effects.

  • Dogs require 2-5 sessions 
  • Approximately 20 - 30 Min sessions
  • Can be added on to a groom or treatment done seperatly
  • £35 per session 

Teeth cleaning is an important part of our pets wellbeing, this treatment can reduce the risks of decaying teeth & odouress breath.

The advantages of this treatment

  • No costly vet treatment
  • No anaesthesia
  • No side effects
  • Cleans without movement, noise and vibration
  •  Reduces bad breath 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents new plaque and tartar from forming

Teeth cleaning can be done on all ages of pet and we encourage this treatment on young pets to prevent any future vet treatments being required. If we brush our pets teeth on a regular basis it helps to encourage fresh smelling breath, clean teeth and healthy oral hygiene. You may think its costly treatment to have done but this is something that can be done as part of your groom, its not a necessity every groom but every two - three grooms you could add this on. Vet treatment is much more costly and more invasive,  this cleany teeth treatment is provided in a calm and relaxing environment with fully trained staff. 

Just think of all the fresh smelling kisses you could get from your pooch instead of turning them away due to smelly breath.

Dental care is not just about fresh smelling breath and white teeth.


  • Do take advantage of certain foods you can buy for your pets specifically designed for dental hygeine.
  • Do look for dental chew toys to encourage breaking down of plaque and healthy gums, chewing is a natural instint for our pets.
  • Do check your pets mouth weekly, heres some things for you to look out for.

Red, White Swollen Gums

Brownish Tartar on Teeth

Offensive Breath

Excessive Drooling 

Tooth Loss


  • Ignore the signs 
  • If your worried about your pets oral health consult your local vet
  • Avoid brushing your pets teeth, this is to be started from a puppy brushing there teeth once a week becomes part of there routine, allowing you from an early age to assess there oral health enabling you to notice any changes sooner.